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EndNote X5 for Mac

Posted by Megan on October 6, 2011

The McGill community can now download the newest version of EndNote (X5) for Mac from the McGill software website. For more information, please visit the library’s citation software web page:

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EndNote X5 for Windows

Posted by Megan on September 5, 2011

The McGill community can now download the new version for Windows from the McGill software website. For more information, please visit the library’s citation software web pages: It is expected that version X5 for Mac will be released sometime during fall 2011.

What’s new in EndNote X5 for Windows?

EndNote users will notice few changes in the update from version X4 to X5. However, here are some new features, explained in full on the EndNote website:

Add and Transfer File Attachments to the Web
EndNote X5 users now attach files, such as images and PDFs, to records in EndNote Web. File attachments can be added directly in EndNote Web or transferred from a library saved locally on a computer. The EndNote Web storage capacity is 5,000 references and 1GB for file attachments.

View and Annotate PDF files within EndNote
A new PDF viewer enables users to view PDFs within the library window. It also has basic annotation functions. and edit a record in one place. Users can search the entire PDF including comments.

Update References Automatically
Existing references can now be updated easily with a new option that lets EndNote search online for more complete reference detail. When a match is found, EndNote highlights the differences in a side-by-side comparison of the new and existing reference. While any field can be updated, the new feature saves time for existing references that now require article identifiers such as PMCID.

The latest version of EndNote also enables users to:

  • Use new conditional formatting in journal styles that substitutes data for empty fields automatically.
  • Review differences in duplicate records quickly with auto-highlights.
  • Select a new citation style—Author (Year)—in Microsoft(R) Word.
  • Use a new reference type—Music—and new fields in the Journal Article reference type—Article Number and NIHMSID.

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EndNote X4 available for download

Posted by Megan on September 22, 2010

EndNote version X4 for Windows and Mac is available for download from the McGill software website. It is recommended that older versions of the software be uninstalled before installing the new version (but don’t worry, your EndNote libraries will remain on the computer!).

More information about EndNote can be found in the new frequently asked questions section on our website.

What are the differences between EndNote versions X3 and X4?

Here are some of the new features. For more, visit

  • Create new records from PDF files – Version X4 allows you to create new references directly from PDF files that you have downloaded on your computer. You can use the “Import” function to import the PDF file. Note that the completeness of the record is quite variable, depending on the origin of your PDF and the metadata attached to it.
  • New automatic group: cited references – When you are working with Cite While You Write, the EndNote Library now displays an automatically-generated Group with all of the references contained in your current document.
  • Cite While You Write interface – The “edit citations” button is now “edit and manage citations,” which has a more user-friendly screen for modifying references to include page numbers, exclude authors, etc.
  • The full EndNote manual no longer comes installed with the program in PDF form, but the help files can be accessed the program. The full PDF can be downloaded at
  • Create new groups by comparing, combining and suppressing existing groups.
  • Modify references easily in the new Quick Edit tab on the main library window (no need to double click to open the reference).
  • Edit references when comparing duplicates.
  • You can now use wildcards within search fields.
  • Improved APA 6th style compatibility, particular when handling more than seven authors.
  • Capability to hyperlink in-text citations to the related item in the bibliography.

A 7-minute video demo of the changes is available here.

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EndNote and the library catalogue

Posted by Megan on May 11, 2010

EndNote users: I plan to write a series of posts on with some tips for working with EndNote version X3 and the library catalogue.

First off, citations can be directly exported from WorldCat Local. From the full record for an item, click on the icon labeled “Cite/Export” and then choose “Export to EndNote.” The citation should be directly transferred to your open EndNote library (if prompted, choose the option to OPEN the file).

You can export more than one reference at once by creating lists in WorldCat. This requires that you first sign up for a WorldCat account. To do this, click on WorldCat sign in in the upper right corner of any page and then click on create a free account. (Click here for more information about WorldCat accounts.) You can add items to your lists from the full record. To export a list of references to EndNote, go to the WorldCat link on the right side of the page and choose “My Lists.” Click on the list name to view it, then choose the “Citations View” tab to export the references to EndNote.

Click on the video below to see a demonstration of creating a list in WorldCat and exporting it to EndNote.


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EndNote X3 reminder

Posted by Megan on February 15, 2010

A reminder to EndNote users: at the beginning of the winter semester, McGill upgraded to the most recent version of the EndNote program, version X3. In general, the look and functionality of the program remain the same, but the new version runs much more quickly than its predecessors.

It is recommended that you uninstall previous versions before upgrading. As usual, the program can be downloaded from the university’s software distribution website. Your VPN must be connected to download the program from off campus.

If you’re not familiar with EndNote…you should consider learning more about it! It is a citation management software program that allows you to organize bibliographic information (i.e., references). It can also help with formatting your citations when you’re writing a document in Word.

EndNote allows you to maintain a personal “library” of references, which you can search, label, and sort into groups. You can save lots of time by directly importing references from various online databases into your EndNote library. A sample library is shown below.

The references exist in your EndNote library independent of citation style, so you can apply a format to your citations and bibliography (like Chicago or APSR, for example), depending on your needs.

The library offers workshops to help you get started with the program. I am glad to set up additional consultations and special sessions…just drop me a line to discuss the options!

And now for a caveat: I’m not trying to advocate EndNote as a magical solution to the woes of citation management. It’s a complicated program, and it can take time to learn to use it and integrate it into your work patterns. Nor is it perfect. You will probably find that you will have to tweak citation styles to make them look how you want.

That said, it is a wonderful tool for organizing your research and preparing papers.

McGill pays for licenses to distribute EndNote to the McGill community, but there are alternatives out there. Most notable is Zotero, a free, web-based program that is similar to EndNote in its functions for storing references. I find that it’s easier to use than EndNote in terms of collecting references while I’m doing research, but it is less customizable. Since I use both programs, I am glad to discuss both in greater depth.

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