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Open Access Week: October 24-30

Posted by Megan on October 22, 2011

Why does open access matter for researchers? Here are some thoughts cross-posted from the McGill Library website:

What is open access?

“Open Access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.”Peter Suber

Why should I care?

Open access

  • …gives your work more exposure.

    By making by making your work openly available on the internet, it can be found via most search engines (like Google).

  • …provides universal access to your work.

    It is no longer hidden behind subscription barriers, and it can be accessed by everyone not just those who can pay.

  • …meets the requirements of many funding agencies.

    Many funders stipulate that research be made publicly available since it is being funded by the public. eScholarship@McGill meets this requirement.

Copyright and your scholarly work

Your rights as an author

  • the author holds copyright of a work unless they transfer it to someone else in a signed agreement
  • assigning copyright to someone else matters, as they can do anything with your work, and can prevent you from using it in course work and reusing it in subsequent work
  • there are tools available where you can transfer copyright while holding back key rights – publishing agreements are negotiable

SPARC Canadian Author’s Addendum

The SPARC Canadian Author’s Addendum is a legal instrument that helps you modify the publisher’s agreement and keep key rights to your article.


  • retain your rights
  • reuse your work without restrictions
  • receive proper attribution for your work
  • make your work openly available through an open access repository

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