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EZproxy for library resources

Posted by Megan on August 16, 2011

EZproxy® Now Available at the McGill Library

From a library announcement:

EZproxy is now available to McGill Library users. EZproxy is a quick, easy, and convenient method to gain off-campus access to McGill Library subscription databases. Unlike the Virtual Private Network (VPN), it requires no prior computer or browser set-up. All users need to do is to login using their McGill username and password when prompted. Users will be asked to login only once per browser session.

To use EZproxy for accessing databases when off campus, click on one of the library’s online tools, such as the McGill WorldCat catalogue or the McGill Classic catalogue, the eResearch Gateway, and Find an eJournal. The easiest place to start is with the search options on the Library homepage.

EZproxy will not replace the McGill VPN as they serve different purposes: VPN, as part of the university IT infrastructure, will continue to support a broad range of academic activities requiring
remote authentication. For example, VPN will still be needed to download software like EndNote and anti-virus software or to use Microsoft Outlook. EZproxy, on the other hand, is a service provided by the Library for remote access to library-licensed content (i.e., journals, e-books, and databases).

Students and staff can continue to use VPN exactly as they have in the past. Please note, EZproxy will not function when VPN is enabled.

For more information, please visit the Accessing online resources page and EZproxy FAQ.


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