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Failed State Index

Posted by Megan on July 28, 2011

Last month, the American organization The Fund for Peace published the Failed State Index for 2011.

The Index rates countries based on the following indicators:

Social indicators

  1. Demographic pressures
  2. Massive movement of refugees and internally displaced peoples
  3. Legacy of vengeance-seeking group grievance
  4. Chronic and sustained human flight

Economic indicators

  1. Uneven economic development along group lines
  2. Sharp and/or severe economic decline

Political indicators

  1. Criminalization and/or delegitimisation of the state
  2. Progressive deterioration of public services
  3. Widespread violation of human rights
  4. Security apparatus as ‘state within a state’
  5. Rise of factionalised elites
  6. Intervention of other states or external factors

The Country Profiles are also useful overviews of countries’ political and economic situation.

The most recently updated (June 2011) profiles include Guinea, Yemen, South Sudan, and Iraq.


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