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Canadian researcher survey 2010

Posted by Megan on July 14, 2011

Rather old news, but still of interest!

Last year, the publisher Taylor & Francis conducted a survey of 1,500 Canadian researchers on their publishing preferences and information seeking strategies.

The full report can be read online.

Unsurprisingly, when selecting a journal in which to publish, participants considered timeliness of the review process and reputation of the journal to be most important. More than 70% indicated that the “right to circulate the article after publication” to be very important or important, which has important implications for the uptake of open access policies in Canada.

Of interest for libraries in particular was the question “When you look for research articles, where do you start?”

It would appear that respondents could enter more than one option, since the percentages add up to more than 100, but at any rate, 64% selected Google as a starting point. Next in popularity was library websites (54%), followed by JSTOR (31%). It would be interesting to get more nuanced data, though, as to whether researchers took the question to refer to starting points for tracking done known citations or for surveying research literature in general. JSTOR, of course, does not include the most recent issues of most journals, so it’s not usually recommended as a starting point for research.

In other Taylor & Francis news, their online journal platform has recently undergone some updates to refine the search functions and article displays, including mobile access. Note that journals previously accessible from Informaworld are now part of the Taylor & Francis suite. McGill subscribes to 182 Taylor & Francis journals in Political Science and International Relations.


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