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Human Development Indicators in Google Public Data Explorer

Posted by Megan on June 9, 2011

Announcement posted on the UNDP’s website:

Human Development Indicators now accessible online through Google Public Data Explorer

Human development statistics on Google’s Public Data Explorer let web users visualize the latest HDI data for all UN member-states

United Nations, 17 May 2011—In a move to provide greater global access to key human development indicators for all countries, Google’s innovative Public Data Explorer will now feature the latest Human Development Index (HDI) figures and direct links to the extensive Human Development Report database of international development statistics.

The Public Data Explorer, available online throughout the world in Google Labs, has for the first time incorporated all the key statistical indicators from the Human Development Report, including the HDI, an annual composite national measure of health, education and income introduced in the first Human Development Report 21 years ago.

The Google Public Data Explorer enables users to view a wide range of international development statistics, and then graph and contrast different sets of figures. Anyone with Internet access can now readily compare the HDI performance of (for example) China, Egypt, India, Norway, Portugal, the Republic of Korea, Rwanda, Sudan, Tunisia and the United States, graph the results, and share their newly created charts and maps with friends by email.


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