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Human geography resources

Posted by Megan on April 3, 2011

The library has acquired the following resources for its human geography collection, but all are highly relevant to Political Science!

Urban Studies Abstracts (EBSCO)
Covers journal literature in areas essential to urban studies, including urban affairs, urban design and history, community development, transportation, housing, social issues, and urban and regional economics.

Encyclopedia of Urban Studies
Useful for urban geography, planning, anthropology, economics, sociology, history, politics, and architecture, as well as social work and environmental studies. Excellent, in-depth entries for everything from “Apartheid” and “Urban Politics” to “Geopolitics” and “Gentrification”. Extensive “Further Reading” sections, cross-referencing, and indexing.

International Encyclopedia of Human Geography
Comprehensive source of information on the often difficult to contain discipline of human geography and its many related subject areas. Covers philosophy and theory, key concepts, methods and practices, biographical information, and geographical thought and practice in different parts of the world. The detailed entries (average length: 5 to 6 pages) include excellent “Glossary”, “Further Reading”, and “Relevant Websites” sections. Good cross-referencing. Sample entries: “Communist and Post-Communist Geographies”, “Critical Geopolitics”, “Ethnic Conflict”, “Economic Development, Rural”, and “Irredentism”.


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