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Online Sources for Global Health Information

Posted by Megan on February 15, 2011

Online Sources for Global Health Information: Hands-On Workshops

Winter 2011 workshop date:
Monday, March 7, 2011, 1:30 – 4:30pm

Dobrin-Steinberg Computer Classroom, 1st floor, Nahum Gelber Law Library

The workshop is hands-on, enabling everyone to advance their familiarity with important information resources for global health and to focus on the topics of most interest to them. The cross-disciplinary nature of global health work is reflected in the range of resources covered, including health sciences, general interdisciplinary, food & agriculture, government publications, social sciences and law.

To register, click on “Sign up” at this site. For further information, contact one of the global health team (see “Contact us” or visit the Global Health Guide wiki).

If this workshop is not exactly what you need, let us know if you would like a session customized to your group or course. Please contact one of the global health team for assistance with searching on global health topics or to request an individual or small group consultation.

The McGill Library Global Health Group

April Colosimo, Schulich Library of Science & Engineering
Maryvon Côté, Nahum Gelber Law Library
Eamon Duffy, Government Information Service, Humanities & Social Sciences Library
Jim Henderson, Life Sciences Library
Lindsey Sikora, Life Sciences Library

Global Health Resources wiki


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