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Encyclopedia of Political Science (online)

Posted by Megan on January 15, 2011

New acquisition: Encyclopedia of Political Science (online)

The Encyclopedia of Political Science (TEPS) is an ambitious survey of the world of politics at the beginning of the twenty-first century. TEPS, developed by the Encyclopedia Society and CQ Press with the assistance of the American Political Science Association (APSA), is an authoritative resource for political scientists and students of politics throughout the world. It assembles more than 1,500 signed articles by contributors from nearly forty countries, making it one of the largest encyclopedias on political science published to date.

The Encyclopedia of Political Science offers scholars and students easy access to the essential concepts in political science in the early twenty-first century. Organized by traditional subfields, such as political theory, comparative politics, international relations, and public policy, it also incorporates those fields that have emerged more recently, for example, race and ethnicity, gender studies, and political economy. In addition, the content reflects the blurring of boundaries increasingly prevalent in political science—whether this occurs in association with cultural studies, neurology, history, or economics. Biographical entries provide a sense of the history of the discipline, and methodological entries suggest the variety of approaches—sometimes used singly and sometimes in combination—available for studying politics. There is material that gives background on countries, theorists, and theories, and there are entries on terms that everyone should know and entries on terms only specialists require.”

The article on Italian Political Thought was authored by McGill’s Filippo Sabetti.


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