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African Journal Archive

Posted by Megan on June 23, 2010

Open access publishing and preservation is one of the most important current topics in academia. As the long-term implications of the issue are under debate, open access initiatives are flourishing.

One relatively new project caught my eye this week: the African Journal Archive. According to the website, “this is a retrospective digitization project focusing on exclusively African Journals comprising an online collection of full text articles in the Sciences, Social Sciences and African affairs.”

The title list is sparse at the moment, but negotiation with publishers for titles to digitize is ongoing.

Projects like these are important in providing access according to “social and educational” needs rather than according to the consumer-commodity model. Interestingly, the archive’s website notes that it is in publishers’ best interest to include their publications in the archive: “There will be no subscriptions to access the archive and thus no proportion payable to the publishers. There is however, a significant financial benefit to participating publishers as the digitisation and hosting fee is free of charge. The availability of the publication online increases visibility and could lead to subscriptions to current material.”


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