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Google Data viewer

Posted by Megan on June 20, 2010

Yet another tool for collating and visualizing data is available online, this time from the ubiquitous Google.

According to a post on the Google blog, the Google Public Data Explorer allows you to “mash up data using line graphs, bar graphs, maps and bubble charts. The visualizations are dynamic, so you can watch them move over time, change topics, highlight different entries and change the scale. Once you have a chart ready, you can easily share it with friends or even embed it on your own website or blog.”

Datasets include the World Development Indicators (World Bank), the OECD Factbook, and miscellaneous statistics from Eurostat and the U.S. government. The current list of datasets is available here. The product is still experimental in Google Labs, so one assumes that more data will be added with time.


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