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Report on Canadian academic publishing

Posted by Megan on April 24, 2010

The University of British Columbia Library has published an interesting report on the state of academic publishing in Canada:

A Review of Emerging Models in Canadian Academic Publishing by Kathleen Shearer.

Available at:

From the introduction:

This report presents the results of an environmental scan of the Canadian academic publishing landscape undertaken in January-February 2010 on behalf of the University of British Columbia Library. The purpose of the scan was to identify new models of peer-review scholarly publishing in Canada, with a particular focus on open access and library-publisher collaborations. The methodology involved a review of the literature and interviews with stakeholders in the Canadian academic publishing community.

The report brings together several case studies that illustrate universities’ initiatives in areas such as emerging technologies for publishing (particularly e-books and print-on-demand), open access journals and repositories, and collaborative publishing, with libraries becoming involved in producing content. The McGill Library’s involvement in publishing the journal CuiZine and its print-on-demand services are mentioned.


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