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Conflict history maps

Posted by Megan on March 9, 2010

Conflict History is an interesting website that uses Google Maps to plot conflicts worldwide, beginning with the Kurukshetra War of 3000 BCE through (currently) 2009.

The site, unfortunately, does not include information about the conflicts themselves or any sort of context. A tiny link at the bottom of the home page notes that the information is drawn from Wikipedia along with Freebase, an enormous database of, to use their own technical term, things. It’s also not clear how place names are coded, because the maps themselves show the current name (according to Google). But although the data is not necessarily definitive, the site demonstrates a great use a data set made geospatial via Google’s widely available application.

It’s also fun to play with. You can scan the map for conflicts by location, search for place names, or browse the timeline that runs along the bottom of the screen to load all conflicts for a given period.


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