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Assignment calculator

Posted by Megan on February 28, 2010

Now that reading week has come and gone, term paper season is nigh. And it’s a good time to break out the library’s assignment calculator. The “Five Steps to a Better Paper” tool is designed to help with time management panic. Students can type in the due date of an assignment to plan out a timeline for each step of the research process. More, importantly, the web page includes links with resources for each stage (reproduced below).

Step 1

Knowing what you need – this is where to start!

Step  1
  • Read the assignment carefully, check the length required, and the deadline.
  • Make a list of questions as you read the assignment.
  • Brainstorm and generate ideas on your topic. Free think. Free write.

Step 2

Finding what you need

Step 2

Step 3

Evaluating what you find

Step 3
  • While reading, keep your topic in mind. Find alternative perspectives.
  • Evaluate your sources. Check the quality of the content.
  • Take notes as you read. Keep your notes simple and organized. <!–Use the Library’s DocLink(“ResearchLog.doc”); .–>

Step 4

Writing a draft

Step 4
  • Outline your approach to the assignment question.
  • Concentrate on getting your ideas on to paper.
  • Link statements with supporting evidence.

Step 5

Making the final product

Step 5
  • Critique your work. Cut unnecessary sentences.
  • Look at the wording, grammar, and the flow of ideas.
  • Proofread after completing all your revisions.

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