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Canadian documents search tool

Posted by Megan on February 23, 2010

Librarians at Carleton University’s Maps, Data, & Government Information Centre have set up a custom Google search that retrieves Canadian government documents on the web. Results can be narrowed to federal, provincial, and municipal documents. This search is broader than the one available on the Government of Canada’s website, as it includes associated agencies and research groups, in addition to all levels of government. It also uses Google’s “special sauce” ranking algorithm.

The You can find this link as well as other guides to finding Canadian government documents on McGill’s own Government Information Service website.


2 Responses to “Canadian documents search tool”

  1. CP said

    That is AWESOME. How did you get the link to the custom Google search? I don’t see it from the Carleton page, just the embedded search box.

    • Megan said

      I’m not sure how to get that URL exactly…our Government Information librarian posted it on one of his pages, and I took it from there.

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