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Trial: WIRES Climate Change

Posted by Megan on January 28, 2010

The library has a one-year trial of WIRES Climate Change, one topic area of the new WIRES product from Wiley Interscience (ends January 27, 2011).

Research featured in WIREs Climate Change is multidisciplinary, bringing together topics like economics, policy and governance, ecology, ethics, and social structures.

Wiley’s website offers the following description of the WIRES publications:

“Key features

  • The WIREs publications focus on high-profile research areas at the interfaces of the traditional disciplines.
  • Content for each WIRE is selected, invited, and reviewed by an internationally renowned Editorial Board, ensuring that the highest scientific and presentational standards are maintained.
  • Coverage is carefully crafted to provide an encyclopedic coverage of the field.
  • New and updated reviews are added every month, ensuring that the most current information in the field is always available.
  • Reviews are highly structured and consistently formatted, maximizing the accessibility and utility of the content to the user.

Article types are designed to cater to a variety of end users

  • Overviews provide a broad and non-technical treatment of important topics suitable for advanced students and for researchers without a strong background in the field.
  • Advanced Reviews examine key areas of research in a citation-rich format suitable for researchers and advanced students.
  • Focus Articles present specific real-world issues, examples and implementations.
  • Opinions provide a forum for thought-leaders to offer a more individual perspective.
  • Editorial Commentaries provide an opportunity for WIREs Editors to offer their own syntheses of broad areas of research in a less formal and more flexible style.”

On a side note: music lovers might also enjoy the library’s trial of Naxos Video Library, which contains more than 250 full length videos of concerts, operas, ballets and documentaries. Active until February 27, 2010.


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