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Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding: A Selected Bibliography

Posted by Megan on December 8, 2009

The Canadian non-profit organization Peacemakers Trust has put together a bibliography of works related to conflict transformation and peacebuilding. Hosted on the organization’s website, the bibliography can be browsed by subject category or searched by keyword. Topics include just war theories, game theory, gender and conflict, terrorism, indigenous peoples, and more.

Compiled by Catherine Morris, a lawyer and conflict resolution consultant, the bibliography primarily lists academic articles and monographs.

Unlike the library’s research databases, it does not include abstracts or subject keywords, but it is still useful for identifying sources on conflict resolution and peace studies. The text-only listings are also a perfect place to make use of the McGill Library’s LibX toolbar. LibX allows you to search the library catalogue right from your web browser. Once it is installed, you can highlight text to launch a search of the catalogue. I wrote more about LibX here.


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