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Climate Policy journal

Posted by Megan on November 29, 2009

The library has a new subscription to the journal Climate Policy, published by EarthScan.

According to the publisher’s description:

“Climate Policy presents the highest quality refereed research and analysis on the policy issues raised by
climate change, and provides a forum for commentary and debate. It addresses both the mitigation of,
and adaptation to, climate change, within and between the different regions of the world. It encourages
a trans-disciplinary approach to these issues at international, regional, national and sectoral levels.”

Here is the table of contents for the most recent issue (Volume 9, Number 6, 2009):

Historic versus output-based allocation of GHG tradable allowances: a comparison
pp. 575-592(18)
Author: Quirion, Philippe

Differentiating (historic) responsibilities for climate change
pp. 593-611(19)
Authors: Müller, Benito; Höhne, Niklas; Ellermann, Christian

Assessing the value of price caps and floors
pp. 612-633(22)
Authors: Philibert, Cédric

Who picks up the remainder? Mitigation in developed and developing countries
pp. 634-651(18)
Authors: Winkler, Harald; Vorster, Shaun; Marquard, Andrew

Sectoral approaches for a post-2012 climate regime: a taxonomy
pp. 652-668(17)
Authors: Meckling, Jonas O; Chung, Gu Yoon

Synergies in addressing air quality and climate change
pp. 669-680(12)
Authors: ApSimon, Helen; Amann, Markus; Åström, Stefan; Oxley, Tim

CDM: from policy to practice
pp. 681-683(3)
Author: Greiner, Sandra

Rethinking political theory: ethics, justice and global climate change
pp. 684-686(3)
Author: Palmer, Charles


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