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EU website redesign

Posted by Megan on September 26, 2009

The official portal of the European Union has recently undergone a major redesign.

Michel-Adrien Sheppard at Slaw gives an overview of some of the changes. Most visibly, the content has been organized into six major themes:

  • About the EU (history, structure, institutions)
  • Policies and Activities (policy areas, grants, tenders)
  • Your Life in the EU (work, study, consumer rights, health, rights of residence)
  • Take Part! (online debates, blogs, YouTube videos)
  • Documentation Centre
  • Media Centre

The site has been organized to direct visitors from various groups (e.g., students, media, researchers) to information of interest. Most impressively, all pages are available in the EU’s 23 official languages. Like the organization itself, the website is enormously complicated, but navigational features like quick links to organizations, an A-Z index, and a prominent search box are helpful. The separation of legislative/administrative content from information intended for communication with the public is also an improvement.



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