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National Perspectives on Global Leadership project

Posted by Megan on July 8, 2009

The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and the Brookings Institution have launched a new project entitled National Perspectives on Global Leadership (NPGL).

According to the CIGI website, “NPGL is an experimental inquiry into the political relationship between national leaders and their publics. Within this project, experts are exploring the degree to which G20 leaders can rebuild public trust in their capacity to act collectively to restore the world’s economy. Restoration of public faith would have both political and economic impacts: it would raise the confidence levels of consumers, investors and money markets and, by extension, contribute to global economic stability and growth.”

One major product of the NPGL’s work is the Soundings Series, which consists of analysis of the political relationship between national leaders and their publics in the context of the London G20 Summit of April 2009. The series thus far includes papers discussing 12 of the G20 countries, as described in this introduction.

CIGI also produces a working papers, technical papers, reports, and books. The library holds most of the books, and I will be glad to take requests for any that we lack.

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